Tano Tano Campaign

Take the Tano Tano Challenge!

Tano means "five" in Swahili.

Here's how it works

Donate $5 to Baraka Africa and ask 5 friends or relatives to do the same. Ask each of those 5 friends to invite 5 more of their friends and family and so on.

One simple action, one coffee skipped… imagine the possibilities and start now!

Make a difference today!

The change starts with you. Forward the Tano Tano campaign to 5 friends.

  • $5 will buy a child a school uniform for primary and secondary school
  • $10 feeds an orphan at Mama Ngina's for one month
  • $15 will pay for secondary school fees per term per child
  • $20 provides school supplies for 10 children
  • $30 will feed 10 orphaned babies for one month

The change starts with you!

Join the Tano Tano Campaign!

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