About Us

We are committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive care model for orphaned and abandoned children in East African communities. The name Baraka Africa represents the depth and breadth of what we do. This name demonstrates our commitment to comprehensive care for all children. "Baraka", in Swahili, means blessing. We see a child's ability to share and fulfill their abilities and passions as a blessing to the world and we work to support and enable each child's transition to a life of hope and empowerment.

Our inspiration

The formation of Baraka Africa was inspired by the founders’ deep relationship with the Mama Ngina Kenyatta Children’s Home and Mama Maria Children's Home in Nairobi, Kenya.  The depth of need served as a call to action. Baraka Africa recognized that a fundamental shift in the structure of care available to orphaned children needed to be made in order for these providers to expand their capacity to serve and for the children to emerge from institutional care as confident, independent and empowered individuals.

We do not wish to duplicate the efforts of others. We aim to unite innovative and creative nonprofits and community partners to create a robust network of support for the direct care providers.  Baraka Africa is actively working with direct care providers to refresh and reinvent their approach to care.  We collaborate to integrate relevant programs that contribute to the organization’s sustainability, engage the local community, and target the whole spectrum of youth development needs.

The relationship of trust and communication with Mama Ngina and Mama Maria, their desire to grow, and their commitment to sustainability is why we have selected them for Baraka Africa. Our tangible successes with Mama Ngina will translate into Baraka Africa’s success throughout the region.


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