Our Partners

We are highly focused on collaboration through partnerships with local and international NGOs, corporate foundations, government agencies and key community leaders. Partnerships are essential to the ongoing sustainability of our programs because they unite complementary initiatives to build a network of services and a stronger local and global community of support. Sustainability hinges on a cycle of preventative education to address the inflow of orphans, the development of each child's whole person, the compassion and investment of the global community in the success of these individuals, and the commitment of the local community to embrace these children through meaningful career opportunities and mentoring relationships.

Our Key Partners

Mama Ngina Kenyatta Childrenís Home

We maintain strong communication with the staff of Mama Ngina to ensure all efforts and actions are consistent with the needs of the children and the realities of the community. We place a strong priority on the education of children, staff and community members as all are essential to the success of the children currently in the system as well as to the prevention of continuous growth in this marginalized population.

SunPower Foundation

We are working closely with engineers and renewable energy specialists at SunPower to draft a sustainability design that is locally innovative and realistic. The SunPower Foundation employees are dedicated to harnessing power in creative ways to offset costs for the orphanages and produce simultaneous revenue generating and educational opportunities.

Salesforce.com Foundation

As a recipient of the Foundationís product donation program, we have transformed our operations and our capacity for growth. We maintain a heavy focus on impact measurement which is facilitated by the Salesforce product.

Baraka Africa also leverages the Salesforce.com Foundationís commitment to community volunteerism. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who have not only built out our customized database, but have contributed to our operational needs as well.


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